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performances so far...

Paris   :   February 22 2014

Warsaw       June 2-7 2014

Berlin    :    August 7 2014








the company's 2012 - 13 production

' i smooth crimson '

was premièred in Berlin in december
subsequently playing in
Paris, Bruxelles, Oslo






from the rehearsal notes

'and the black angel sped firmly over ground passing footless
like mist close above the green waters.
I saw him once while I was working; he stood brief and alert.
We spoke fast through the storm of the moment
then fell shiftless to business,

our moves becoming inexplicable hints
of tremendous meaning'




In 1991 I started a Company which I directed over the following 10 years making 13 pieces and performing throughout Europe.

Since then ... I made a whole series of solos and collaborations with other dancers and musicians ... but did no company directing. Since the autumn of 2010 I started once more to work with a group of dancers and a poet all of whom live in Brussels.

The central theme with this group is the work with dance, space, text and voice
orchestrating all and each of these elements
and doing it all on the fly as an instant composition in performance.

Letting these areas of expression be made and housed all together, their individual qualities constantly interacting at different levels, weaving a whole, multi layered expression. Stories, conversations, vocal lines, melodies and dialogue all present, supporting and providing contexts for each other.

In my experience from making many pieces which explore and expose these issues, all these elements live naturally together. The spoken voice is made through a moving body; a line of speech inherently carries its melody; a phrase of dance automatically exists threaded with a musical phrasing and temporal rhythms.

My interest in placing these streams together is to touch the expressive powers which they unleash through parallel support and lateral associations. We both ‘cut up’ and ‘multi-layer’ the material, instantly editing as we go, letting the result be immediately readable.

Each performer is assigned a 'dramatis persona' from which and through which they can perfom. These rôles are taken in a ludic spirit as references for both a reading of what is happening and as an inspiration along the way.

Since 2009 we have made three pieces.








APRIL 16  and 24    Paris and Bruxelles    2011


presents its third work



a dance text space voice object piece
directed by Julyen Hamilton

with choreography and voice by

Billie Hanne   as   horse
Ana Iommi    as    thread
Theodossia Stathi    as    bridge
Boris Cossio    as    gate
Agostina d'Alessandro    as   bread
Julyen Hamilton    as    radio
Yoann Boyer    as    boulevard
Barbara Pereyra    as    gamba





JUNE 9-10-11     2010         20.00 hrs


presents its second work


a dance text space object story piece
directed by Julyen Hamilton

with choreography and voice by

Billie Hanne   as   Siren
Ana Iommi    as    Dove
Theodossia Stathi    as    Wind
Boris Cossio    as    Sail
Agostina d'Alessandro    as   Whale
Julyen Hamilton    as    Helm
Yoann Boyer    as    Sailor
Barbara Pereyra    as    Octopus

E.van Cauwenberghstraat,55

tel +32 (0)2 427 36 56

JUNE 9 10 11
at 20.00 hrs



and below are photos © Patrick Beelaert from


performed in Brussels  november 2009


Theodossia Stathi     as     Devil
Ana Iommi     as     River
Boris Cossio     as     Dog
Billie Hanne     as     Sophie
Julyen Hamilton     as     Table
Barbara Pereyra    as     Party
Agostina d'Alessandro   as   Mirror


photos below: © Patrick Beelaert

























Boris Cossio (dancer / Argentina)

Boris Cossio has been studying dance and performing in Europe for the last 10 years .
He studied contact improvisation and improvisation with Daniel Lepkoff, Julyen Hamilton, Kirstie Simson,
Anouk Llaurens and Kurt Koegel and butoh with Hisako Horisawa. 
He has danced with Cie.Mateo Moles, Cie.As Palabras Claudio Bernardo and Felicette Chazerand.
He's part of the collective Solo Conversations in Brussels.

Billie Hanne (poet / Belgium)

Billie Hanne walks endless kilometers through town, hides obscure literature in bottles under the sink and writes long lines of poetry.

Agostina D'Alessandro (dancer / Argentina)

In Europe she works with: T.r.a.s.h Company (Hollande) performing PORK-IN-LOOP and in the new creation ZOFIA -premier Nov. 2009-, with Koshro Adibi- IPL (International Performers Laboratory), with Superamas in Bxl, with Mey Ling Bisogno – Cie Crush Test Club (Paris).
She won the Marie de Paris price to creation for her first dance piece “S-Main Gaushe” and the support of Embassade of Argentina in Paris and Théâtre de la Cité International. She performed that piece in severals dance festivals in Belgium, Venezuela, Croatia, México, Portugal and Argentina.  In 2006 she creates her second piece “Les Femelles” working as artist in residence Espace Sanghor and Pianofabriek (Belgium).

She teaches improvisation and dance technique in Latin America and Europe. 
She studied with: Julyen Hamilton, Katie Duck, Kirstie Simson, Andrew Morris, Koshro Adibi, Ultima Vez, Meg Stuart, Giovanni Scarccela and Lisa Da Boît, Kurt Koegel, Frey Faust and Thomas Hauert. 

She is member of Solo Conversations Collective since 2007, performing and teaching in Europe and Latin America.

Barbara Pereyra (dancer / Argentina)

Barbara Pereyra (Buenos Aires 1979)  did her dance studies in Buenos Aires. She received Antorchas Foundation grant to participate in America dance festival and Southamerican dance festival in Chile in 2001.Barbara also studied Audiovisual Realization at UAI University, Buenos Aires.
In 2002 she moves to Europe where she participates in dance/theatre laboratories working/creating at the side of international companies. She works with: Stefan Dreher, Cie.Irene K, Théâtre du Sygne, Irma Firma, Zirk Théâtre, Festival playground Stuk-Leuven, Cie.Philippe Saire, Sten Rudstrom and she is part of the group directed by Julyen Hamilton.

Since 2005 Barbara started to direct/perform her own pieces performing in Belgium, Argentina, Grece, Portugal and Berlin:
(PARTS/Rosas Summer Studios Residencies, Danscentrumjette, Les Bains connective, Malaposta Dance Festival, Tanzfabriek, Novamoves, Baluwdruk, Music village festival Grece).
She has been working also in collaboration with visual artists in: St. Martins University, Resolution Dance Festival London, Museum of Natural History Berlin, Irish Museum Modern Arts, Centro Cultural Moca Buenos Aires.
Since 2006 Barbara creates together with belgium visual artist Filip Van Dingenen the vzw Fantaman Productions y Matelisto Contemporary Movements to develop/produce social, educative, artistic projects in the field of performance and visual art.

Since 2008 Barbara Pereyra is part of the dance collective Solo Conversations working in the field of improvisation and performance.

Ana Iommi (Argentina/ Belgium)

Ana graduated from the School of Ballet of Bahia Blanca and the Taller de Danza Contemporanea del Teatro San Martin. She then joined the Company of Teatro San Martin and performed with various Argentinian choreographers before moving to Belgium.
She’s been invited by the Centre de Recherche et de Composition Choréographiques, Royaumont, Dir. Susan Buirge to work on and perform “Foray Forest” along with Shelley Senter from the Trisha Brown Company.

As a member of Khosro Adibi’s IPL “International Performers Laboratory” and Company “Les Pespis”, she performed in Europe (Italy, Sweden, Estonia) and South America (Brasil, Uruguay and Argentina).
She also worked on an improvisation project with the Company Sosta Palmizi (dir. Giorgio Rossi, Rafaela Giordano).
Ana’s first piece 'les Femelles' was performed in Buenos Aires with Agostina D'Alessandro. Performances were presented in Danscentrum Jette and Recyclart Summer Festival in Brussels.
She is currently part the dance collective Solo Conversations.

Theodossia Stathi (dancer / Greece)

Theodossia Stathi was born in Athens where she took her first dance classes. She then studied dance at the European Dance Development Center in Holland and at PARTS in Belgium. 
She has participated in Deborah Hay's Solo Performance Commissioning Project and has danced for Ann Van den Broek and Bud Blumenthal.
With an interest to explore the relationship between improvised dance and music, she has been working and performing with Marjolaine Charbin – piano player – and Garrett List and the Riffing Society of Liege.
She will participate in the new creation of Thomas Hauert and Zoo.

Yoann Boyer (dancer / France) not present in the 2009 line-up, but planned to be with us in 2010

BOYER Yoann was born in Marseille where hemade his first artistic steps in the school for circus art « O’Salto ». During eight years he explored the technique of juggling, acrobatics and clown. His interest for movement and body work not satisfied enough in the circus field brought him into dance and he joined the “Groupe Grenade” led by Josette Baiz. An intensive professional kids group for creation and artistic development.
Later he joined the professional dance company of this choreographer as a performer and studied with choreographer such as Wim Vandekeybus, David Zambrano, the Peeping tom collectif and Butoh with Carlotta Ikeda.
he also developed a strong interest in CI and improvisation which brought him close to Julyenn Hamilton, Jess Curtis, Alicia Grayson...
In 2005 he joined the European program D.A.N.C.E (Dance Apprentices Network aCross Europe) where he studied and performed with Wayne Mc Greggor, Frederic Flamand, Angelin Preljocaj and Wiliam Forsythe.
Since 2007 he has been working with the Carolyn Carlson company in France and Pierre Droulers in Brussels. In 2008 he will join the collectif Solo conversations in Brussels where he will explore more and more the land of improvisation and instant composition.


here are some photos from the last company in 2006

in a piece called

'Life with Toby'

dancers: Carme Renalias, Pascal Queneau, Andrew Fifield, Paula Hampson, Julyen Hamilton
lights: Svante Grogarn

a voice palimpsest.....

allen's lineLw notts

......where geometry echoes emotion.

Allen's LineWvt London



drawing by Clement Hamilton Renalias