MARJOLAINE CHARBIN   -   prepared piano

     Marjolaine and I have performed and taught together over the past few years and are at present exploring how my poetry making     
 might live alongside her exquisite way of making music at the piano. Originally from France, she now lives in Brussels and London      
playing with many different musicians in the improvised music scene.

     She curates a regular series of performances in 'La Cellule' in Brussels for improvised music/movement and last year we shared     
 an evening there. We have been recording material over the past three years. Below are a couple of examples.





"I'm going to be the wind that rattles and disturbs the pane
I'm going to be the rain which taps incessantly too many days at a time.
Open your window and you'll get your face wet
get the front of your gown wet
and those strands are going to turn dark

you've eaten nothing for a week - and you look beautiful.

I'm going to be a tram rattling
going to be a car waiting at the lights
going to be a shop ready to open
filled with the smell of bread

You slipped out sideways you took a bit of me
wrapped it in your thick coat
oh by the way everything's pretty fine
pretty fine, back here.

Truth or lies, I got my eyes pinned on the distance
got my ears hearing the past."

                                                                                          excerpt from 'GOLD'  2011

Marjolaine Charbin is a French pianist based in Brussels. She is interested in the primacy of sound, in relation to the body-instrument,
and to the collective creation process. She studied at the Royal Conservatory, jazz department, and also with inspiring musicians like
Dave Douglas, Joelle Léandre and Evan Parker. She has been active in various musical contexts, mostly jazz (and free) and experimental-pop.
Her musical development has led improvisation to be the center of her work wich found outlets in projects including Paul Dunmall,
JM van schouwburg, Peter Evans, Maggie Nichols, Frans Van Isacker, Gail Brand, Javier Carmona and others.
She is also working with dancers, amongst them, Julyen Hamilton.
Outside Belgium, these projects has led her to perform in UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Turkey.