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Magnolia and Strangers
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In a world torn strange with a speed of undigested events, there is made, a space for two to meet.
And in this place their own selves spark and rest.
And in this space their creative insights take form through word, sound, dance and the arrangement of time.
This is a theatre of simple needs  -  the need to say and the need to be heard  - the need to move and the need to be moved."

My fathers suit
It is
Red carpet

Here, where the cupped flowers entertain spring rain
immigrant birds wade
willing simple powers
for survival

i gave my father’s suit to a man in need;
my son gave the travelling knife i gave him
to a guide in the mystery which seems to be Africa.

the antique bombs of understanding
are making dust of the sage’s writing
so he sits now in fearless meditation
counting goodness in beats, breath by breath.

it is a red carpet
which my lover has made from my
unlocked heart;
blessed is the softness of her feet
as she walks light and stately, 
protected by her nakedness.

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TITLE: Magnolia and Strangers

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