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I N T E R V I E W is the latest solo from Julyen Hamilton who has been making solo pieces constantly over the past 35 years.

INTERVIEW was premiered in Bruxelles in November 2016. Subsequently showing in Prague last autumn.
Dance / text / decor : Julyen Hamilton

It is the look of our times and a look at our times through the individual creator being interviewed and creating.

brief like your heart
in photographs
captured and evaporated;
a small world
a million small worlds,
west, sharp, sleep, wake;
your brief moment, pulsating.

I N T E R V I E W presents both the interviewer and the interviewed.

Intimacy exposed.
Intimacy restored.

Intimacy exposed
Intimacy restored

the way we are
the we were
the way we will be

the voice and the question
the silence and the response

i chanced upon a brother
and he told me how we felt
now my sister tells me
the meaning of the cards i've dealt

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