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 HAMILTON  CARROLL   -   electro acoustic media + piano
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 Roy Carroll and I have performed together for the past 10 years or so, presenting shows in Berlin, Bruxelles, Liege and Amsterdam.
We begun in trio form with bassist Miles Perkin and subsequently also did gigs with bassist Meinrad Kneer. Over the past couple of years we've let the work be in duo form.
The combination of the electro acoustic media and the classical piano is a wonderfully strange mix : each challenging the other as to what sound and music making might be. The range of electronic note and sound alongside the set definition of the 88 keys creates an 'odd couple' which we are both fascinated by.
In december 2016 we released "POINTER" and are heading for a second cd already in the making.

roy carroll

Project Details

TITLE: pointer

Date: 2016