Barre Phillips

photo Astrid Askberger

Although this page is in the 'recent history' section
my work and relationship with Barre is still an alive and ongoing one!

We met in April '96 in Grenoble,
invited to co-lead a workshop
for improvising musicians
and dancers.
We discovered we shared some
common aims, inspirations and
understanding from experience in
own respective fields which
centred around a passion for
We both have
a rich history of experience
in each other's art forms.
Since then we've met to perform,
teach and talk together.

From the beginning we seldom talked much about how we would work together
we simply fell to it, following each other and going our own ways beside each other.
Barre is one of the most important and rightly celebrated bass players
and is a true priviledge to share time on or off stage with him.

In 2014 we will be performorming and teaching in Austria and later in the year our two companies
are scheduled to work in a collaboration for dance, music and voice.

      photo Astrid Askberger