A film by Haim Adri
dance and text by Julyen Hamilton

This film was made as part of the
performance "anamnesse, bribe, acte 1 & 2"
with choreographie and film by Haim Adri.

The photos on this page are from the images
of the film HOMOSAPIENS made by Haim Adri.

Co-produced by
Cie. Sisyphehereux
Centre National de la Danse, France
Theatre Gerard Philippe de Champiny / Marne
DRAC Ile de France
Conseil General du Val-de Marne

Homo sapiens sapiens

homo sapiens 2003
homo sapiens 2002
homo sapiens 2000
homo sapiens nineteen hundred and ninety nine
homo sapiens waiting for 2000
1998, 97
homo sapiens 1996
homo sapiens 1994
homo sapiens 1992
1990 december January
199 89
1989 1988 1987 86

west west to the middle further right out to the west
east, east to the middle
east, east further, right to the coast
one bus five days
1985 1984
1981 autumn homo sapiens makes war in the desert
homo sapiens destroys night, and lives through the listening to the radio
homo sapiens 1980
homo sapiens migration
homo sapiens moves house
moves bicycle, moves sewing machine, moves typewriter
moves books, moves note books, buys new notebooks
discovers the maker of notebooks local to the city
homo sapiens 1978
Rosemary Richard Tim Sally P. - all of them then

1975 vietnam
homo sapiens uses asia for war
1972 - homo sapiens 1970


society becomes important
1970 homo sapiens difficulty with society
society no difficulty with homo sapiens
homo sapiens 69 68 67
homo sapiens 1966
1965 1965 Kennedy
homo sapiens shoots leader
homo sapiens shoots the shooter of the leader
homo sapiens upset
1961 homo sapiens 1961
homo sapiens nineteen hundred and fifty nine
1958 1958 Cuba
homo sapiens 1956
the black car and the smell of the engine oil and the burning petrol

homo sapiens 1954
1954 winter frost
blood red, the scream of the male and the female
homo, non sapiens
homo sapiens sapiens

homo sapiens how was your day
was your day full or empty
memorable or forgettable
enjoyable, undeniable
relatable, secretable
distant, touchable

homo sapiens how was your night
how far did you travel at night
how long did it take to start traveling at night
how long did it take to . Stop,
and wait for a moment and sleep and travel again?

homo sapiens makes fire

homo sapiens how was your memory?
yesterday when it was brighter
tomorrow, yesterday
A hundred years has just passed by
Are you hungry a hundred years has just passed by are you thirsty
Can you remember five years?
homo sapiens are you remembering or sleeping?
are you sleep standing
are you sleep walking
are you sleep thinking
are you sleep drinking
are you sleep sleeping?
lets walk over there

homo sapiens how is your walk?
of course
homo sapiens sees wild animals,
animals still wild, but not really wild 'cos
no tame animals has homo sapiens ever seen so all animals are wild

homo sapiens how are your animals?
the fast fleet feet<
or soft round arms
let me imagine

here is a mountain
and here is homo sapiens imagining a mountain
the mountain has feet
the mountain has legs
homo sapiens has feet and legs
in distance, another place,
and thinks ..
Back, suddenly or slowly I'm not sure, slowly or suddenly
Noticed suddenly
A natural event formed
Heat . 32 2 1
A conversation between
Richard and David and Jennifer and
anyone who writes to anyone
electronic by-pass
wind on the skin of the horse,
brushed, washed, arranged, sweated, hosed all that
all that. It's getting cold
when was it . ending not ending
homo sapiens makes bread
homo sapiens grows vegetables in winter
flowers, sells flowers
homo sapiens sells flowers
homo sapiens rides motorbikes
homo sapiens goes to war
homo sapiens hides his clothes, swims, finds his clothes,
dries, lays down and sleeps.

How was your night, homo sapiens?
vhomo sapiens makes friends
homo sapiens' friends make friends
homo sapiens painting his face
homo sapiens discovering mercury
homo sapiens listening ..
homo sapiens .<
homo sapiens happy
homo sapiens enjoying the feeling of happiness
homo sapiens jumps off a cliff
homo sapiens runs to the supermarket before it closes
homo sapiens remembers making cheese
homo sapiens remembers making family
homo sapiens remembers making family in order to make sense of making the cheese

I dream I sleep I wake I dream I sleep
homo sapiens on and on and on and on and on
homo sapiens changes
homo sapiens in prison
homo sapiens weaves cotton
homo sapiens drives his friends mad
homo sapiens goes mad
homo sapiens recovers
homo sapiens studies the inside of the body with knives and a pencil
homo sapiens notices tears flowing from his eyes, down his cheeks, and remembers
homo sapiens walks out of the sea and homo sapiens turns around
and walks back into the sea and climbs aboard a boat
homo sapiens discovers sugar
homo sapiens sharpens knives and practices cutting the air

homo sapiens says 'I am not homo sapiens .'
And homo sapiens says 'yes, you are. Ask homo sapiens and she will tell you,
in a thousand different ways.'

homo sapiens makes foreigners, the other side of the mirror
homo sapiens discovers again and again, evening .spring..death
homo sapiens wonders whether it is painted on the outside
or whether it erupts from the inside
homo sapiens throws stones and they break in two
and homo sapiens smells the two halves
and homo sapiens thinks that the two halves are better than the one

homo sapiens 1953 - completely inside
hardly seeing anything
but already hearing quite a lot.

Julyen Hamilton 2002