film by Haim Adri
text Julyen Hamilton

left and the densities change
left and the balance shifts

a year - a certain weight
an event - monstrous
days of I, days of not I
minutes of doing
hours of having done

Desperate at times desperate
hence the fleeing
hence the escapee
hence the refuge away from

Interrogation like the feet walking.

How heavy a year
how heavy two years

A maker
A maker, indeed a doer
not an excavator only.

Folded time unfolds
Minute and impasse
Turn quickly, back the other way
risk it
back 20 metres
down the other alley
down and out before the rains fall
down and out hoping the rains will fall
and fall hard
and fall long
hard and long.

And the rains come and they do fall hard
And the rains comes and they do fall hard and long
hard and long
and they wash away

And the body moves ....
the escape to ...
and the escape from.

The house and the moving
off the main road
down the side alley
through the toilets and out of the back
of the restaurant
down the smaller street
to another smaller street
3 streets awayanother main road,
heading another direction
out of town.

happyand hungry

So I am hunting
hunting back
Beautiful day to be hunting
beautiful day to be remembering

it's a shadow-less history

I suppose it is just to do it and to do it again
to make the mark
and that's why I questioned
and I said "Murder?"
Murder as a question
murder as a possibility
it's the only way

It makes me ...errr doubt
doubt the reason for my endeavours
makes me wonder
whether anything
needs to be written down;
it softens the urgency

maybe just a title
and an empty book
would strike the mind?

Maybe just a title and an empty book.

jh/ah 2005



Videoed during the summer 2005, HUNTED
is now on its post-production of those on-going 8 year projects!

The photos on this page are from the images of the film HUNTED made by Haim Adri.