Marseille Days

Svante Grogarn
lights /video

Julyen Hamilton









Marseille Days was a solo presented by
Marseille Objectif Danse in march 2005.

Marseille Days was conceived
as a piece for dance and live text.

As a dancer and narrator on stage I was primarily interested
in creating portraits and so I chose subjects
in the street each day, faces and lives which I felt
I could invite into the performance each evening.

The daily editing and use of this video footage
was done in collaboration with Svante Grogarn,
who as a theatre director has an incisive
sense of timing and the theatrical moment.

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"They give me water here
they feed me
they give me bread
they give me huge chunks of bread
i could get inside the bread they give me
i could make a door and eat out the middle
and go inside the bread
and make a house
and sit inside
and make windows
and a chimney
and make a fire
and toast
and burn it all away....
like purgatory.

Jasmine tu etais trop tot dans ma vie;
mais tu as raison
c'est moi qui suis trop tard.

Clear as a bell
Clear as a cloche
Clear as a couche
Clear as a female horse
Clear as a couchemare

J'ai vu mon voisin qui fait le jardin, comme ca;
The lady she is old and her legs are shaped like the outside of the full moon
And her insides are like the sun
But her face is as ugly as sin

I am close to the edge
I am close to the hedge
And in the gaps in the hedge
I can see out

I hear where we are;
Beside the day
Beside the time
Beside the sleeping dog
Beside the the lamb
Beside the the restaurant where the knife cut

And the blood flowed like a little sea.

I used to have a cat and I named her Socrates
I left the cat
I was one of those men who would leave his cat
I had no option
they took me.

When I first came here I said 'Why?'
they sat me down on a stool and said 'porque'
and I said, 'porque? porque'
I asid porque and porque
because porque from here and porque from there
sound the same but they are not
and I knew that
and this was my only defence.

Water - milk - blood - orange

And Deleuze lifted the table like a camel

so we plant wishes all the way
from India, through the night, to Africa."


The texts above are exerts of the spoken stories created during the five nights of these performances in Marseille.

The acompanying pictures are from video footage taken during the day of each performance. They were edited and used as video projections
during each night's show.