facedrawing_ob.jpgdrawing by Pep Ramis




THE OPEN BOOK was a project at L'Animal a l'Esquena in Celrà, in northern Spain,
near where I live; their large studio has invited me to work for 7 days
with artists of my choice on a purely creative project
which has no commissioned aim but allowed me to share with a publi
what we had done during the period.

photo Jordi Bover

I chose to work as a threesome with PEP RAMIS
(choreographer/dancer/directer of Mal Pelo dance company)
whose work as artist (dancer/decor designer/visual artist) I have long respected.

And SASO PODGORSEK - the Slovenian film maker
with whom I worked last year on a film of the piece S.K.I.N. ,
directed by Iztok Kovak and myself.


The OPEN BOOK is imagined to be .......

......an exchange between artists, between people ...........
an exchange of thoughts, feelings and experiences.
An exchange which may take form in words or quiet observation or directly in the forms each of us practise as artists.


It is the spontaneous making of
a dance
a film
a book (an 'open book')
poetry and writing
sound recording
an exhibition in the space
an atelier/workshop/exhibition
interviews with each other
material which comes from the imagination ... and straight 'on to the page' ie into form (words/sounds/dance/film/photos)
characters, scenes,visual excitements, light and dark ...



I set up the daily working situation to have extended time simply watching
and being directly inspired by what the others were doing ... writing, dancing, filming, drawing, making objects.

For hours we just followed our inspiration and produced a lot of material.
Some of the sound recordings I made in this week were direct spontaneous poems
read/recorded on the spot from over Pep's should as he painted.

We began with no set theme but simply allowed our observations and creative responses to roll out along their own self-made paths.



photo Jordi Bover


paintings by Pep Ramis
poetry by Julyen Hamilton
film by Saso Podgorsek
dance and sound Julyen and Pep