dance / text Ellen Johannesen Julyen Hamilton
           light / sound Svante Grogarn






i bought you a duck
and you were ungrateful
i bit off your leg and froze it
and scratched your back
until there was very little skin left.

you housed me and fed me
grease and soot

i heard you were wealthy
  but it was just the sparkle
behind your eyes
and your way of walking
slightly slower than the others.

i tortured your soul
once i had found it
and made nightmares of your sleep
with my howling tuneless lullabies.

I supposed there were few alternatives
for a dog like me
and a night like you.



Jesus Christ resurrected, shrugs his shoulders as he walks from the grave,
Mary, Mary, wide eyed gazing:
"I told you it was an illusion" he said







I love it when you hit me hard said the donkey to the man.
Who lifting his stick to deliver a whack.
suddently died of a heart attack

I love it when you kick my ass said the slave to his big white boss.
Who kicking his nigger black and blue,
tore his meniscus and ruined his shoe

I love it when you pull my hair said the frail little wife to her man.
Who performing the age – old caveman routine.
got his penis stuck in her knitting machine











to the atheist
allow the question of afterlife
to melt the rationalised future

to the believer
let go of belief
and peel your eyes to the evidence

to the hopeful
let the roads of hope be laid
but without need to be travelled

to the wise
fall forwards into deep blue beautiful youth
and strip time away beyond its reign

to the enlightened
check your hand-luggage

to the present and tense
shift and touch the world
just to the left of here and now

to the serious

to the jokers
practise silence in an exposed place amongst others

to those who advise
write your advice down on paper
and burn the book happily in winter.




Failing to recognize the enemy

I got a new friend.....




Venus is sleeping less these days
meticulously checking
for body parts under her bed.

Venus is sleeping badly
throwing herself from side to side
restlessly waking every hour.

Venus is going through her memory
sorting the boys from the goats
checking them for date and teeth marks
and signs of any future life.

Venus is not speaking much these days
she has decided to keep mute
and arrange all future love affairs
solely via electronic message
and the sensuousness of the warm touch-screen.




My face

has been doing 

yesterdays dishes

that is why 

it is looking 

so gray...





thank goodness hypocrisy is still alive
and kicking this modernity

i wish that you could hear me now
but you are not so lucky

for you are hills and far away
and wrapped in soft brown paper

drinking flour and herbal tea
and raging at new weather

as oceans stride and edge beyond
the fragile walls of heaven

thank goodness hypocrisy
still leads us here
and drops us in the wanting

so thirst and hunger can prevail
and stretch us in our playing.




Don´t smoke
Don´t moke in bed
unless you are married
to a fireman




I am very peculiar

 about how I like my roadkill: 

it has to be run over lenghtwise,

- but should be no flatter than a deep- pan pizza


There has been some years now

since my left leg passed away....

And as my arms are now coming to maturity 

I decided to start dating again

My first date was this handsome size 40 

the only thing; - he was just bent on kneeling !  

Then there was the Athletes foot

he was the sporty kind, but a bit short, so we didn´t really go along

Then the hungarian bootleg: hairy and hot tempered:

 I stood him up once, and he walked out on me

I later discovered he had an affair with one of my arms, - behind my back!

feet can be such assholes....




the boxer boxes
and the swift run fast
the joyous tread lightly
as each we might

all ears welcome
all hearts complete
all souls singing
least we fade and sleep




water and a cigarette
denial and regret
image of another life
and sex that makes you sweat

water and a cigarette
calling her to slim
I sit and watch and wonder
what kind of state she's in.

water and a cigarette
walking by the pool
nervous sadness, way in debt
she's hoping to seem cool

water and a cigarette
comes like flood and fire
then revelation slaps her face
she's instantly rewired.

water and a cigarette
covered shoals of grief,
epiphany now calms her soul
bringing sweet relief.




You left me with a parking space

a room too small for happiness

you were my knight on a white horse

heading off in the wrong direction


I have prepared your coffin and a hot bath

in which order would you like them?



Ellen and I worked together at the suggestion of light designer SVANTE GROGARN who had worked for with each of us separately.
He thought our ways of making and being on stage would be stimulating and inspiring.
We worked together, all thre of us, in Oslo and presented this piece on    october 19 20 21 2007   at ROM FOR DANS, Danscenen, OSLO, Norway

The above is a selection of the poems which were written for the piece.