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I have constantly made work from a radical point of view.

Julyen Hamilton
I have been making dances, directing and teaching for over 40 years. I was born in England, then lived in Amsterdam and am now based in Girona in northern Spain and Athens, Greece.
My work is to make performance - solo and company pieces - with dancers, musicians and other performers - and my process, amongst others, is to create instantly on stage... to compose instantly..to improvise.

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photo Patrick Beelaert
photo Guido de Zeeuw
photo Patrick Beelaert


A main interest for many years now is the area of the moving body speaking and producing sounds.

Julyen Hamilton

My performances, both in company and solo, develops dance for the theatre - a place where an atmosphere of transformation, insight and understanding is permitted without resort to thin conclusions.

My teaching work comes straight from the stage experience;  it  goes  deeply  into  the  compositional  aspects of  creativity  through  the  areas of   the physical body,  space,  time,   dramaturgy   and voice.


Since 1990 I have made more than 100 solos which have been seen all over the world.

As director of groups, I develop a communal language where movement and text constantly intertwine as they are passed amongst us; it is our way of manifesting a sharing of the imagination.

blue plate

a blue plate
a tale and a basket
handing out tunes and bread for day
and another mile
and another song to say
sing and all will be brought and taken
like water and the blues
like time and the memory
and the scratched soul of a world
poised and ready to continue

say a line
and sing awhile
and all will be one

wait and watch
the door to further opens
and bird enters,
happy as a tree
and bright as light blue
seeing me
and seeing you
and still pulling words from throat
as morning mist blisters the end of summer night.

© Julyen Hamilton July 4 2005