painting by Thomas Bratkze

                          recent dance/voice work with trumpeter   RITSCHE KOCH
                                                                         percussionist CHRISTIAN MARIEN
                                                                             visual artist THOMAS BRATZKE
                                                                            tagtool artist MARKUS DORNINGER

I first met trumpeter Ritsche Koch when we played together in a show I was doing with his colleague voice artist Christain Reiner.

Recently Ritsche invited me to perform with a group he was working with in Berlin. Since that first moment I realised our clear connection
through different levels but mostly through the sheer physical viscerality with which they all work, be it with trumpet, drum or brush.

Their work is much added to by Markus Dorninger (Maki) a software writer and artist with the Tagtool software whereby light can be painted and worked on through projection. His influence on the shows we have done together are that the projection provides both light and blackness as well as the obvious colouration.

A recent gig in Berlin at BASSO had a set designed by PHILIP WIEGARD. In 2011 we received an invitation to make a short film for ARTE Creative. We produced 'The GARTEN'
directed by Mischa Leinkauf. 






Thomas Bratzke
Ritsche Koch
Markus Dorninger
Christian Marien