photo Patrick Beelaert

The River

Felicity Provan   
cornet, trumpet, vocals
 Joost Buis   
lap steel guitar, trombone
Lily Kiara   
guitar, vocals, songs
Felicity Provan   
cornet, trumpet, vocals
Julyen Hamilton   
 Michael Moore   
clarinet, saxophone  
Michael Vatcher   


acoustic folk/pop mix with poetry and improvised music


Since 2006 we have been playing in this line up
with a range of work centred around the songs of Lily Kiara and my poems
....... aided and abetted by the musicians.

The joy of this line up is that we tend to take the order and flow of the material
in an improvised mode,
naturally creating long lines of songs, music and poetry
in the vane of a medley.

follow this link to Lily Kiara's site for further information.
Here are a couple of clips of a gig in Amsterdam in 2010

And follow this link to visit the Sibyl Sings site